Primer Paquete para Honduras

Jakob Krese
Germany | 2022 | 23 min
World premiere
Languages : Spanish, English
Subtitles : English, French

Dinora left Honduras for the United States in one of the migrant caravans leaving Central America. Settled in a suburb of Washington D.C., she speaks on social media of the difficulties she has encountered integrating, as well as of the presence around her of a film crew which has thus unwittingly become the subject of its own film.

Following on from his previous documentaries, La Espera (2020) and Lo que queda en el camino (2021), Jakob Krese continues to bear witness to the waves of immigration from Central America towards the north, under the eye of the army and the cameras of the entire world. But as soon as they cross the border, the media disappear and a new life begins... or not. Indeed, this new Eldorado is more like a cold and uncertain no-man’s land filled with unpredictability and downtime. Suspended in moments of expectation, the filmmaker carefully depicts fragments of Dinora's invisible daily life and the process of her children's integration, in a kind of parallel, vulnerable world, hardly humanised through social networks. In her obstinate determination to keep in touch with her family and community, Dinora introduces a new balance of power between the filmmaker and the subject. This new order cleverly shows the limits of representation and the documentary eye, but also a painful reality barely filtered by social media.


Javier Martin

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