Douwe Dijkstra
Switzerland, Netherlands | 2022 | 10 min
World premiere
Languages : English, German
Subtitles : English, French

While staying in Switzerland, a Dutch director is overcome with a numismatic passion at the sight of the one-franc coin. This coin, which has hardly changed in appearance in decades, bears national symbols that remain obscure to him and the Swiss people he encounters. The director weaves all these life stories and symbols into a hilarious investigation.

While staying in Switzerland for an artistic residency, a Dutch filmmaker suffers an acute attack of numismatic passion on discovering the country’s one-franc coin. The coin, which has barely changed in decades, features national symbols which most Swiss citizens would find difficult to identify. Douwe Dijkstra then goes in search of Swiss people: not to understand the statue of Helvetia on the front of the coin, but rather to discover what they would like to see on their coin today. From green screen special effects to phone calls to the Swiss National Bank, Eine Sekunde in Fränkli is a hilarious and creative exploration of the founding myths inscribed on the Swiss coin, which cleverly transitions to exploring the personal stories and dreams of the country’s current inhabitants.


Aurélien Marsais

Démontable, 2014
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Eine Sekunde in Fränkli, 2022


Douwe Dijkstra
Douwe DijkstraMatthijs Herder
Douwe Dijkstra
Douwe DijkstraDouwe Dijkstra
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