Michaël Blin
France | 2022 | 33 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

Two men meet around a camera: the old man recounts a lost love to the young director. To remember this love, the old man reads his texts, one of which alludes to a place that holds special memories: Ostend. The director then summons a third man and in turn creates the pictures of a lost love, in a shift towards fiction.

Two men meet on camera. The older man tells the younger one, the director, about a lost love. To remember this love, the old man has kept his writings, including a piece about Ostende, a place filled with memories. From this real-life encounter with Dino Peraldi, photographer and director Michaël Blin gradually slides towards fiction. He introduces a third man, who in turn puts the story of his lost self into images and recounts his memories of a fantasised face. This man then runs away to a forest where he meets an ageless boy, like a figure from his past. This forest seems to contain “all the days lost in a lifetime”. The filmmaker offers us a profoundly romantic and melancholic film about an inner struggle, where dialogue and a deep connection with the poet enable him to produce images of this imaginary being whom he manages to make shine in a totally dazzling way. This is a cathartic film, perfectly summed up by the song by Cartola featured in the film: “Let me leave / I’m going to look / for a smile so that I don't cry”.


Aurélien Marsais

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Michaël Blin
Michaël BlinRaphaël Guionnet
Sopio KuzmenkoJules Jasko
Michaël BlinAnnie Waks
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