Annabelle Amoros
France | 2022 | 37 min
International Premiere
Language : English
Subtitle : French

Special Youth Jury Award for a medium length film

In Churchill, in the far north of Canada, polar bears come to hunt seals in autumn. This event is both a source of tourism income and a threat for animals and humans. Annabelle Amoros takes a quietly humorous look at this town through a narrative that alternates between dynamic action and calm static shots.

It starts with a colour: white on white. Thus begins filmmaker Annabelle Amoros’s adventure in the Canadian Far North. What has brought her to this territory is a desire to film polar bears, which, every autumn, between October and November, settle around the town of Churchill, waiting for the ice floes to form so they can hunt seals. The relationship between wild animals and human beings is often imbued with the ancestral fear of fierce animals, but the situation here is more complicated: after many TV programmes about polar bears, they have now become stars, and thousands of tourists flock to Churchill to see them and take photos of them. Rejecting wordy and didactic reporting, the film takes a humorous look at this world through a narrative that alternates between dynamic action scenes and calm static shots, leaving us to contemplate an environment awaiting its future.


Luciano Barisone

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Annabelle Amoros
Annabelle AmorosNegin Khazaee
Annabelle AmorosLeonore MercierJules WysockiGrégoire Chauvot
Laurent Leveneur
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International Medium Length & Short Film Competition

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