Francisco Javier Rodriguez
Belgium | 2022 | 37 min
World premiere
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : English, French

Jaime is the portrait of a young man affected by a mental disorder in which his mind perceives reality in a distorted way. In this fascinating and provoking medium length film, director Francisco Javier Rodriguez questions our idea of reality, creating a subtle game in which fact and fiction merge. Touching yet unsettling, this film interrogates what we consider to be “the norm”.

Jaime appears alone on the screen to talk about himself. He lives with a mental disorder, as a result of which he perceives reality in a different, distorted way. On screen, he addresses his childhood, his desires, his strong religious faith and his inner voices. A woman – perhaps his mother – is there sometimes to comfort and cuddle him. Constructed from a series of conversations between Francisco Javier Rodriguez and Jaime Saldaña, a 33-year-old living with mental issues, the film is a bold attempt to portray a psychiatric condition on screen: from the very beginning of the film, our capacity to discern reality from mise en scène, facts from fiction, is challenged in a very subtle, yet uncanny way. By doing so, the director invites us to take the point of view of his protagonist, in a film that is a participatory experience more than a simple portrait. With economical means and an unassailable trust in cinema as a magical mirror, Jaime invites us to question our idea of reality.


Rebecca De Pas

2022, Jaime
2013, The Third Person
2008, Ou le Théâtre de la Spéculation


Francisco Javier Rodriguez
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Francisco Javier Rodriguez
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