Marco Piccarreda
Italy | 2022 | 38 min
World premiere
Language : Italian
Subtitles : English, French

In the heart of the Mediterranean, the song of cicadas barely covers the noise of cars and summer hits. In this landscape lulled by sunshine and routine, a grandmother attempts to make the most of every minute she still has to live with her grandson Ariele. Marco Piccarreda creates a film full of poetry and tenderness, on the pursuit of happiness.

As in his film Creatura dove vai ? (2019) co-directed with Gaia Formenti, Marco Piccarreda shares with the viewer his fascination for a territory of light, Spartivento, in the far south of Italy. The director builds a loving family fable in the middle of summer: the story of a grandmother who attempts to make the most of every minute she still has to live with her grandson Ariele. He modestly approaches this emotional landscape, first with a static and fragmented perspective in the dark interiors sheltered from the heat, an image that subsequently becomes panoramic and luminous in the hands of Ariele, “bellissimo”, as his senses awaken at the beach. The director shares moments of sincere emotion and, with surprising simplicity, successfully lodges on screen small touches of tenderness with a good dose of humour. In a very cinematographical gesture, Marco Piccarreda decides to follow the young man in search of happiness, a sentiment shared by the viewer and contained in these three words uttered by Ariele: “Felice, felice, felice”.


Javier Martín

2022, Last Day Spartivento
2019, Creature Dove Vai?
2018, CittàGiardino


marco piccarreda
marco piccarreda
marco piccarreda
marco piccarreda
marco piccarreda
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