Accessibility and inclusion

Carte Caritas

Holders of the Carte Culture can purchase tickets for CHF 5 from Festival ticket desks only.

Tickets for people assisting people with reduced mobility

When purchasing a ticket for a person with reduced mobility (online or at a ticket desk), it is possible to obtain a free ticket for the person assisting them.

Assistance and welcome desk

Opération Chaise rouge

Visions du Réel is working with Chaise Rouge – a service offered by the Croix-Rouge vaudoise in Vaud with the support of Pro Infirmis Vaud – to offer personal assistance for different types of disability.

People with disabilities who wish to benefit from the assistance service from Chaise Rouge throughout the evening can contact the Red Cross in Vaud, which will put them in touch with a volunteer, subject to availability.

Contact the Red Cross in Vaud on: 021 340 00 99 or

This service is free and available only by registering at least two weeks before the evening in question.

Staff awareness 

The Festival team is made aware of the importance of inclusion and is given information on the measures in place. A guide to basic French sign language is available.


For general information during the Festival (from 10 am to 8 pm):
Hotline +41 22 365 44 55

For questions regarding accessibility:
Cléa Masserey, co-head of cultural participation

Locations and travel


There are free shuttles every day, before and after the screenings, from Place du Réel to Théâtre de Marens and Théâtre de Grand-Champ.

Disabled parking and bus

55 public parking spaces for people with reduced mobility are available around Nyon. A bus for people with disabilities is also available. For more information

Guide dogs and assistance dogs

Guide dogs and assistance dogs are authorised on all the sites, including in the screening rooms.

Inclusive offers

Audio description

Audio description is a method for making films accessible using a voice-over to describe visual aspects. The voice for the description is inserted in between the dialogue and important audio features; it can be heard individually using the Greta application.

More info: Audiodescription

Discovering audio description

Pupils from primary school take you behind the scenes to see how audio description is prepared with Regards Neufs.

More info: Discovering audio description

Simultaneous reading of subtitles

The simultaneous reading of subtitles (or “audio subtitles”), using headphones, allows people who have difficulty reading to enjoy the screening of films in a language other than French.

More info:  Lecture de sous-titres

Masterclass translated into sign language

Jean-Stéphane Bron’s Masterclass will be translated into French sign language.

More info:   Langue des signes française

Subtitling for people with hearing difficulties

Alongside the French subtitles for films in foreign languages, two French films are subtitled in French for people with hearing difficulties. They are available using the Greta application.

More info:   Sous-titrage pour personnes malentendantes