Barbara Marcel
Democratic Republic of Congo, Germany, Brazil | 2022 | 45 min
World premiere
Languages : French, Lingala, Portuguese, English
Subtitles : English, French

Barbara Marcel runs a film workshop at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Kinshasa. Starting with a discussion of the film The Lion Has Seven Heads by Glauber Rocha (Congo Brazzaville, 1969), the filmmaker questions the relationship between her country, Brazil, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Marlene offers an impassioned consideration of militant filmmaking.

Filmmaker Barbara Marcel offers to run a film workshop for a group of students at the Kinshasa School of Fine Arts. Using a film from her cultural heritage, The Lion Has Seven Heads by Glauber Rocha (DRC, 1969), she bridges the gap between her country, Brazil and the DRC. After the screening, the students discuss the symbolic representation of the white woman – Marlene – the central character of the only film the Brazilian filmmaker shot in Africa. What is the meaning of her presence and what does she represent in the colonial context? Does this film give a voice to the black women it filmed? Marlene asks us to reflect on what remains of ‘tri-continental’ cinema, a movement committed to the liberation struggles of countries previously categorised as being in the “Third World”. By embracing a very free and inspiring format, made up of fragments, Marlene includes moments that are more performance-based, along with discussions and rehearsals. By giving us a glimpse into the film-making process, Barbara Marcel seems to highlight the importance of continuing a collective quest.


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