Visions du Réel
Festival international de cinéma Nyon
Place du Marché 2
CH–1260 Nyon

General :
+41 22 365 44 55
Programme :
+41 22 365 44 57
Industry :
+41 22 365 44 53


Émilie Bujès Artistic Director
Mélanie Courvoisier Director of Administration and Operations

Programming office

James Berclaz-Lewis Co-Head of the Programming Office
Mourad-Anis Moussa Co-Head of the Programming Office
Alice Fuchs Programming Office Coordinator
Tania Rochat Programming Office Assistant
Sarah Jane Moloney Catalog and Program Coordinator
Sophie Antonilli Copy control manager

Selection Committee & Programming team

Emmanuel Chicon Selection Committee Member
Anne Delseth Selection Committee Member
Aurélien Marsais Selection Committee Member
Mourad-Anis Moussa Selection Committee Member
Alice Riva Selection Committee Member
Violeta Bava Consultant and programmer
Paolo Moretti Consultant
Madeline Robert Consultant and programmer


Alice Burgin Head of Industry
Mateo Ybarra Industry Manager
Eric Salberg Production Coordinator Industry
Salome Kahn Industry Publications Assistant
Milo Biedermann Film Market Assistant
Glenda Balucani Labs & Guests Coordinator
Margot Mecca Opening Scenes Lab Coordinator

VdR–Industry Selection Committee

Jasmin Basic Projects Selection
Gudula Meinzolt Projects Selection
Rebecca De Pas Projects Selection
Mateo Ybarra Projects Selection

VdR–Development Lab Selection Committee

Violeta Bava Pre-selection Committee Member
Katy Lena Ndiaye Pre-selection Committee Member
Shaunak Sen Pre-selection Committee Member

Administration and Production

Sarah Ciuclea Head of Production
Aurélie Zoss Administrative assistant
Nadia Crivelli Head of Infrastructure & Decoration
Aliciane Ischi Administration and Production Assistant
Anaïs Deville Head of Staff
Félix Tatzber Event Manager
Ekaterina Vytchegzhanina
Ekaterina Vytchegzhanina Assistante accréditations
Joséphine Vuigner Head of Accreditation


Ana-Belen Torreblanca Head of Communication and Partnerships
Diego Demougeot Digital Communication Officer
Naïla Boubou Digital communication assistant
Robin Corminboeuf Head of Press Office
Judith Marchal Partnership and Press Assistant

Cultural outreach

Anik Fischbach Co-head of cultural participation
Cléa Masserey Co-head of cultural participation
Sandra Jamet VdR at School Associate for German-speaking Switzerland


Priscille Matthey Co-Head of Hospitality
Cristian Cerutti Co-Head of Hospitality