Youth Jury

Target group: young people aged 16 to 22 years old

Made up of secondary school level II pupils from several secondary and high schools between Geneva and Lausanne, the Youth Jury casts a fresh look over the short and medium films section.

Participating in the Jury means experiencing the atmosphere of one of the most enriching international film festivals for nine days. As a jury member, you will have the opportunity to see the films that are in competition, but not just that, you’ll also take part in the debates, workshops and festive activities. The life of a festival is not solely screenings; it is also everything that surrounds it. Come and discover or deepen your knowledge of documentary film, develop your critical thinking and learn to defend your point of view during passionate debates. There are no prerequisites for taking part, except curiosity!

To participate or receive more information, send an email to

UNIL Committee

Target group: university students

During the month that precedes Visions du Réel, a series of screenings is proposed to students from the University of Lausanne within the Vortex, the new university residence. These films are carefully selected, during the Festival, by a committee of film students who want to help students from other departments discover documentary film.

To participate or receive more information, send an email to