Mantas Kvedaravicius
Lithuania, Germany, France, Ukraine, 96 min
European Premiere

A collective fresco on the fringes of war: the town of Marioupol in Ukraine is resisting through weapons and its ferocious will to live. Day-to-day events are intertwined here with deeds of war, whereas there are attempts, in the back-ground, to continue the activity in the steel mills and coal mines. “[The] basic premise of the project is that aesthetics and politics are intrinsically intertwined; any choice within cinematic language is already a claim. Yet, it considers that long term cinematic observation of the minutiae of everyday life could precisely unravel the complex historicity and cul- tural forces at work in a transformation of the polity.” Mantas Kvedaravicius, whose interests are often focused on the figures of absence, materiality and the body, paints a poignant portrait of a damaged town in times of “truce”, upclose and in all of its humanity.
Emilie Bujès

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96 min
Lithuania, Germany, France, Ukraine
Regard Neuf
European Premiere
Russian, Ukrainian, Greek
English, French
Uljana KimMantas KvedaraviciusNadia TurincevThanassis KarathanosAnna Palenchuk
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