I cormorani

Fabio Bobbio
Italy | 2016 | 88 min
World premiere
Language : Italian
Subtitles : English, French

Two boys spend their summer roaming the countryside. Empty roads, small woods. The sun shines lazily down on them, while each day brings new and surprising adventures. The two boys will discover the deep bond that ties them together while an endless summer, without a beginning or an end, seems to drag on for ever, blessed by the hazy breeze of a warm and everlasting afternoon. First-time director Fabio Bobbio Sordini captures the fleeting sparkle of boyhood with an unmatched flair for landscape and composition. A precise camera work celebrates the many rites of growing up and becoming aware of the world. A nuanced style that swings from a naturalistic approach to an observational one, to an ultimately poetic one, allows the young director to share both the world and the emotions of his young and dreaming protagonists. In the timeframe of one summer, life and its many mysteries and joys are celebrated. The Cormorants is a stunning achievement, directed by one of the most promising Italian directors of photography and produced by filmmaker Mirko Locatelli.
Giona A. Nazzaro


Mirko LocatelliGiuditta TarantelliPaolo Cavenaghi
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