Cómo ser Pehuén Pedre

Federico Luis Tachella
Argentina, Germany, France | 2024 | 20 min
World premiere
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : English, French

Pehuén Pedre is a young man with a disability. On a theatre stage, he is leading a workshop to train two actors to pass an examination which will allow them to obtain a certificate attesting to their disability. Federico Luis offers a playful and incisive reflection which subverts the norms, highlighting the space of our shared imperfections.

Pehuén Pedre, a young man with a disability, is coaching two actors for an exam which will enable them to obtain a disability certificate. Inside the theatre where the workshop is being held, Pehuén asks each in turn these routine, sometimes incongruous, questions: Do you know how to fold laundry, clean the bathroom or cook? Exuding the self-confidence of an experienced teacher, he directs Agustin and Lorenzo with the aim of colouring their "normal" with aspects that are commonly considered "abnormal" in Pehuén – rolling eyes, moving lips, etc. Federico Luis Tachella serves up a reflection on the norm, getting straight to the point: If "abnormality" is governed by a series of codes and behaviours, let us learn them. How to Be Pehuén Pedre offers a space in which to address the issue openly rather than ignoring it in silence. The openness this creates, in this camera-facing mirror game, reveals how we all share imperfections and have the same preoccupations.
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