The Documentary Journey of Madame Anita Conti

Louise Hémon
France | 2024 | 38 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

The Atlantic Ocean, 1952. French oceanographer Anita Conti documents the turbulent life of a trawler crew. She returns with writings, photographs and 16mm films that recount the power of the ocean, the men’s hard labour and the slimy fish entrails. Louise Hémon reworks this unique material to reveal its full breadth and beauty.
Pioneering oceanographer Anita Conti spent many years criss-crossing the world's oceans with her cameras. In 1952, she spent six months recording the turbulent life of a trawler and its crew in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The trip yielded a complete treasure trove, including writings, 16 mm film and both colour and black and white images. Through them, the French researcher describes the incessant struggle between the men and the ocean, the power of the waves, the technical skill of the fishermen, and the slippery fish entrails. The Documentary Journey of Madame Anita Conti reworks this material as a scientific and poetic ode to a bygone era, making it resonate with Conti's words and the reality of contemporary fishing practices. The narrative is constructed through a diverse layering of images, leading us on a journey that captures both the exhilaration of movement and the magnificence of the photographs. Louise Hémon's stunning film paints a dual portrait of a dedicated woman and her protean work.

Alice Fuchs
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Rituels, 2015-2017


Louise HémonAurélie Brousse
Pablo SalaünAntonia Buresi (voice over)
Marie Bottois
Julie Normal
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Pauline Tran Van LieuHutong

International Medium Length & Short Film Competition

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