Sandra Schäfer
Germany | 2024 | 14 min
World premiere
Language : English
Subtitle : French

Machines work the countryside, birds fly over the fields and robots imitate human movements. Ornithologists and cutting-edge robotics make for an unlikely yet fruitful encounter, as the artist Sandra Schäfer questions post-humanist modes of production. What will the relationship between nature and culture look like in the future?

After an opening shot filmed from an observation tower perched above fields and forests, Into the Magnetic Fields takes us on a journey that includes automated, driverless tractors crossing the countryside, swarms of birds flying over the fields, a SpaceX rocket taking off into space, a robot imitating human movement walking through the snow, and images taken from satellites. These seemingly disparate images, which oscillate between observations of nature and demonstrations of cutting-edge robotics, gradually reveal a future that is already here and from which humans are absent – absent not only in, but also behind, and in the very making of these images. If humans disappear from the field of production, will they also disappear from its orchestration? Through her skilful editing, the artist Sandra Schäfer explores post-humanist modes of perception and production. How do the relationships between nature and culture fit together in a robotised world?
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Sandra Schäfer
Sandra Schäfer
Sandra SchäferJanina Herhoffer
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Sandra Schäfer
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International Medium Length & Short Film Competition

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