Poorva Bhat
India | 2024 | 16 min
World premiere
Language : English
Subtitle : French

During a camping weekend, Indian filmmaker Poorva Bhat tries to find the right way to discuss consent with her two children. In the intimacy of the tent, the three find the safe space needed to explore together the innocence or otherwise of looks and gestures, both in everyday life and in the cinema.

Eleven-year-old Rehaan and his eight-year-old sister, Mitra, accompany their filmmaker mother on a camping trip. For her next film project, she wants to broach the subject of consent with her children. She takes advantage of the occasion to film a few sequences, attempting to find the right words for them to reflect together on this delicate subject. The children try to avoid the uncomfortable topic, and this family outing becomes a much-needed opportunity to take the time to understand one another, beyond this still-taboo subject. In the end, it is in the evening, in the intimacy of the tent, that the three find the necessary safe space to dissect together the innocent or malicious intent of looks and gestures. With great tenderness, the director turns the camera on herself and her loved ones to encourage open dialogue, both in everyday life and in the cinema. 
Alice Riva
What’s The Film About?, 2024


Poorva Bhat
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