Evy & I

Hélène Bares
France | 2024 | 67 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

A recently-separated thirty-something seeks refuge with her cousin Evelyne in Annemasse. Evelyne is a lively sexagenerian who has recently become blind – and whose apartment is overrun by cockroaches. The two set off on an adventure on the shores of Lake Geneva, with neither money nor car, but with shared belly laughs and the hope of a new beginning.

Summer is coming to an end as thirty-something Hélène, who has recently left a complicated relationship, leaves Paris to take refuge with her cousin Evelyne in Annemasse. The latter, a bubbly sixty-something also known as Evy, who has become blind late in life, lives in a flat infested with cockroaches and bedbugs. Through confessions and laughter, the two women, who seemingly have nothing in common, end up leaving the flat and taking a holiday on the shores of Lake Geneva. With neither money nor car, but determined to make the most of life, they set off on an adventure that leads to some unlikely encounters and the possibility of a new beginning. In Evy & moi, Hélène Bares depicts the unique relationship she has with her older cousin – which could be described as a fusional, so close is the bond they share through their conversation and banter. In the lightness of this Eric Rohmer-inspired summer, the two companions are transformed into a version of Thelma and Louise seeking to rebuild their lives through their sisterhood. A veritable ode to anti-determinism, in which the two protagonists portray themselves as the heroines of their own lives.
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Anne Cardi Avrin
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