Coralie Hina Gourdon
France | 2024 | 16 min
World premiere
Languages : English, Portuguese
Subtitles : English, French

Online, sleep has become an art form. While a game creator attempts to teach the concept of time to his AI, online gamers fall asleep during seemingly never-ending quests, some livestream their own sleep, and AMSR artists create soundscapes for peaceful slumber. A fascinating observation of the world of cyber-sleep.

In the world of online video games and streaming, sleep has become an art form, with its own stories. Faced with a virtual universe in which rest does not exist, how do we satisfy this natural need? In Time Sensitive Characters, filmmaker Coralie Hina Gourdon presents a surprising and fascinating exploration of the act of sleeping, within a community marked by endurance, in which sleep becomes a challenge but also an opportunity. For instance, a game creator attempts to teach the notion of time to his characters, for whom sleep may become a genuine moment to rest from their activities. Meanwhile, some gamers fall asleep in real time during never-ending games, leaving their tireless avatars to fend for themselves, whilst others purposely live-stream videos of themselves sleeping, and ASMR artists create soundscapes for peaceful sleep. It’s a business that can be profitable, and in which one person's lucrative snore could become the salvation of insomniacs on the other side of the world.
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Coralie Hina Gourdon
Mariana Von Seckendorff de Assis
Coralie Hina GourdonSesilia Turdziladze
Coralie Hina Gourdon
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