The Tunes

Pablo Guarise
Belgium | 2024 | 25 min
World premiere
Languages : French, English, Dutch
Subtitles : English, French

Located in the north of Brussels, Café La Perle – with its wood panelling and karaoke – provides a cosy haven for its procession of regulars. Alternating between faces, chatter and spirited singing, Pablo Guarise’s film pays homage to timeless bistros and the unifying and emotional power of hit songs. In the buzz of the barroom, true grace abounds.

Pablo Guarise has pushed open the door of the Brussels café La Perle, and depicts its warm atmosphere with a deeply human eye. In this portrait of a place and its inhabitants, the bistro stands like a faithful beacon in the city, in its anachronistic guise, with its wooden furniture, its ragtag band of patrons and its incongruous objects (special mention goes to the musical lobster). Through the lens of the director’s attentive camera, in groups or in individual interviews, the regulars go through the rituals of life as it unfolds, and the notions of community and bonding are given their rightful position. As darkness falls, faces shine brightly under the neon lights of the karaoke. Indeed, the other star of this musical film is the popular musical repertoire. Through hit songs, emotions are released. The jubilation celebrated here challenges the diktat of legitimate culture. Eddie Mitchell, Johnny, Corynne Charbi, a daring sequence ventures into the mechanical belly of a pinball machine. We leave the bistro on a luminous finale that bestows a beautiful scope on the film, exalting the tone of its tribute.
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