Tierra encima

Sebastián Duque R.
Colombia | 2024 | 18 min
World premiere
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : English, French

Amantina and Clara, two elders from a remote village in Colombia, have devoted their lives to a single cause: hating each other! Maybe it’s because of the wall they share, or the priest playing favourites, or perhaps they are being manipulated by the healer? An obscure neighbourhood investigation involving knick-knacks, urban legends, stray cats and witchcraft.

Is it possible to live on hate alone? That is the question that director Sebastián Duque Ramírez is investigating in his film. Through the use of still frames, he gives the floor in turn to Amantina Velilla and Clara "Blondie" Restrepo, who have been neighbours for over fifty years, vehemently hate each other and accuse each other of causing all their woes, from masonry problems to poisoning. The narrow streets of the small Colombian village of Armenia Mantequilla echo their words, transforming them into secrets which in turn feed the legends. The image becomes blurred, a church bell chimes, cats lurk close by, and when the film has to be interrupted for morbid reasons, our minds immediately turn to witchcraft... and we understand the source of the anger. Borrowing from the magic realism of Gabriel García Márquez, Under Land is a compact tour de force that magnifies the anecdotal and sings with black humour.
Anne Delseth

Under Land, 2024


Sebastián Duque R.
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