Tsarsulshi Uket Ikneba

Keto Kipiani
Georgia | 2024 | 26 min
World premiere
Languages : Georgian, French
Subtitles : English, French

In 2018, two filmmakers meet up at the Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory in the mountains of Georgia, in an effort to capture the beauty of the place. Five years later, Keto Kipiani revisits these images and gets back in touch with her co-director. Could their shared fascination with the stars and this timeless place have concealed unexpressed romantic feelings?

In 2018, two filmmakers met at the Abastumani observatory in the mountains of Georgia. There, they found a dilapidated mechanical dome, a telescope pointing towards the stars, a forest of lush greenery, a dusty portrait of Lenin on the wall and yellowed Communism reference books on the shelves... They were supposed to stay there for two days, but ended up staying for two months, captivated by the beauty of the place. If the setting were to lend its atmosphere to a reflection on the passage of time and the transience of ideals, could their fascination for this place and the infinite nature of the universe to which it is linked not conceal unacknowledged romantic feelings? The film project having been abandoned at the time, Keto Kipiani revisits these images five years later and begins a new correspondence with her then-co-director, Nicolas Kunysz. She turns this into a film about love brimming with poetry, and transcending time.
Mourad-Anis Moussa
It Will Be Better Before, 2024
Khatije, 2023


Nicolas Kunisz
Keto Kipiani
Paata Godziashvili
Eka Tsotsoria
Nicolas Kunisz
Niko MikadzeMurman Original Pictures LLCKeto Kipiani
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International Medium Length & Short Film Competition

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