Los Eucaliptus

Ignacio Ragone & Nicolás Suárez
Argentina | 2023 | 19 min
International Premiere
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : English, French

The Eucalyptus is the name of the building in Buenos Aires where Nicolás Suárez lives. It marks the starting point of an ethereal, playful meander through his cinephile stream of consciousness. With joyful serendipity, this film juggles sets of images, acrobatically jumping from one topic to another to create a delightfully composite treasure hunt.

Nicolás Suárez sees adventure everywhere. Invited to explore the enthralling meanderings of his imagination, we roll the dice at the foot of his building, a famous Buenos Aires landmark erected in the 1940s around a trio of eucalyptus trees, whose roots burrow among the concrete foundations, creating an architectural poetry. The metaphor suits this mischievous and delightful film, conceived in the form of an arborescence attentive to everyday objects, a children's game conveyed by an urban stroll interspersed with a variety of archival footage. Somewhere between a Rohmer reference and a television image, the theme to Vertigo breathes suspense into a trivial event that turns into a big mystery. With this detective figure, store calling cards, and scribbled notes, we are now in the family of the Argentinian collective El Pampero, alongside Laura Citarella's Trenque Lauquen. Eminently free, and perhaps afflicted with main character syndrome, this little garden of forking paths speaks to the need to inject romance into life, like an ode to chance perfectly aligned with the frugality of its means.
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