Audrius Stonys
Lithuania | 2006 | 30 min
Language : English
Subtitle : French

“Pain does not affect us only in the mourning experience that exposes us to Eternity but also through life itself which throws us into the course of time.” With these words borrowed from the Russian philosopher Nikolas Berdiaev, Audrius Stonys evokes his essay, Uku Ukai, in which he leaves aside any narration in favour of a poetic and metaphysical depiction of the relationship that human beings, faced with their inevitable end, maintain with their bodies: like in a session of hypnosis, the voiceover of a woman whispers to the film’s characters the attitudes, the gestures, an (ironic) advertising soundbite that can be used to find inner peace and harmony with the real world: gymnastics, running, baths... This mechanical vision of bod- ies is built in parallel with sequences showing a reclusive old woman, alone, in a narrow apartment, who seems to be meditating on existence as a pure movement, dreaming, while snow falls on the town, of the young body she too once inhabited. In another life.

Emmanuel Chicon

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