le cinéaste de l’invisible

The work of Audrius Stonys takes the form of a quest opening onto an imagination composed of fragility and poetry. Heaven and earth, above and below, the immanent and the transcendent inhabit his filmmaking. His latest achievements – principally short and medium-length films — question the very gesture of filming through the use of celluloid and digital technology. This way of working influences the aesthetics of his films; it is not uncommon for film accidents to be shown to the spectator. His cinema is a form of speech, via images, directly influenced by his life under the lies and propaganda of the Soviet era.



2014        Gates of The Lamb (44’)
2012        Cenotaph (63’)
2011        Ramin (58’)
2010        I Walked Through Fire, You Were With Me (37’)
2008        Four Steps (42’)
2007        The Bell (56’)
2006        Uku Ukai (30’)
2004        Countdown (45’)
2001        alone (16’), Prix du Public à Visions du Réel 2001
2000        Flight Over Lithuania or 510 Seconds of Silence (8’)
1999        Fedia. Three Minutes After The Big Bang (10’)
1998        Harbour (10’)
1996        Flying Over Blue Field (20’)
1995        Antigravitation (20’)
1993        Apostle of Ruins (18’)
1992        Earth of The Blind (24’)
1990        Baltic Way (10’)
1989        Open The Door to Him Who Comes (10’)