Memories of a Perfect Day

Davina Maria
Belgium, Lebanon, Hungary, Portugal | 2023 | 17 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

Special Mention

Filmmaker Davina Maria and illustrator Dominique Goblet share a fascination for the beach in Ostend. Made up of photographs and illustrations, the film subtly interweaves their respective artistic practices. With a delicate and melancholic tone, Souvenirs d'une journée parfaite celebrates friendship, memory and the fleeting nature of shared moments.

One ephemeral encounter leads to another, connected by the same landscape: the beach at Ostend. Lebanese director Davina Maria, who is more familiar with the Mediterranean, is haunted by an encounter on the shores of the North Sea, which persists in her mind like an obsession. One day in a bookshop, she discovers Ostend, the graphic novel by the author and illustrator Dominique Goblet. The illustrations of the North Sea landscape resonate so much with her own feelings that she decides to meet the author. Their shared fascination for Ostend beach becomes a canvas for artistic and friendly complicity, a space for confidences which reminds us of the importance of listening to one's own intuitions when seeking the other. The film, a collage of photographs and illustrations, subtly intertwines the women’s respective artistic practices and generates similar feelings of solitude and melancholy, yet also liberation. This two-hander film celebrates friendship, memory and the ephemeral nature of shared experiences, with infinite tenderness.
Alice Riva

Souvenirs d'une journée parfaite, 2023
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Davina Maria
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Davina Maria
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