Asli Baykal
Turkey | 2023 | 14 min
International Premiere
Language : Turkish
Subtitles : French, English

In Mardin, a Turkish town close to the Syrian and Iraqi borders, an analogue photography workshop brings a group of children together. The director delicately documents the seemingly carefree nature of their daily lives, while exploring the way in which they learn about photography and its mysteries. A shared adventure enhanced by a film filled with joy and music.

The city of Mardin, in Turkey, lies near the borders of Syria and Iraq. It is home to many different populations and individuals who have fled the surrounding conflicts. In one of the city’s neighbourhoods, a group of children meet at the Sirkhane Darkroom Workshop, an analogue photography workshop. Turkish filmmaker Asli Baykal delicately records the apparent carefree nature of their daily lives, while exploring their experiences as they learn about photography and its mysteries. Using 16mm film, she captures the sun’s rays which illuminate their outdoor games, their taste for freshly picked pomegranates, the sound of the developer in the darkroom where magic happens... With vivid colours and pacey editing, she shares the children's enthusiasm and wonder, as many snapshots of an everyday life comprising a collective adventure, enhanced by a joyful and musical film.

Alice Riva

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Gillian Garcia
Jake Nadrich
Kersti Jan Werdal
Jake Nadrich
Asli Baykal
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