Tomás Paula Marques
Portugal | 2023 | 15 min
World premiere
Language : Portuguese
Subtitles : French, English

Ceramic dildos intended to go beyond cis-normative sex toys; the forbidden love of Josefa and Maria during the Inquisition; a singing narrator… Such are the elements that make up Dildotectonics. A masterful blend of time and place, this film gives free rein to a search for pleasure that is free from all normative constraints.
In the Serra De Arga, in the north of Portugal, two stories intertwine. Firstly, that of Rebeca, who makes artisanal ceramic dildos which go far beyond the standard cis-normative sex toys; then that of the recolhidas (secular recluses) Josefa and Maria, and their forbidden love in a convent during the Inquisition. Mixing contemporary portrait with historical reconstruction, the film takes the approach of telling two stories separated in time but united by the same territory and the same search for pleasure. Director Tomás Paula Marques teaches us that every story leaves traces on its territory, and that the land itself has its own memory. By playing with materials, from terracotta to the film reel itself, Dildotectonics brilliantly creates echoes between eras, giving free rein to a quest that is free from all normative constraints. An irreverent and joyful film, whose musical narration elevates it to another level.

Alice Riva

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Tomás Paula Marques
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