Linda and Irina

Guillaume Brac
France | 2023 | 38 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

It's the end of the academic year at the Hénin-Beaumont high school. Between two TikTok videos and their science lessons, best friends Linda and Irina confide in each other about their families and their future. But Linda is going to have to move in the coming year. What will remain of their friendship? The marvellous story of a bygone summer.

It is June 2021 and the end of the school year at the Hénin-Beaumont high school. Linda and Irina are best friends. Between TikTok videos and science classes, they confide in each other about their family, their future, and other teenage preoccupations. But Linda has to move house yet again, and will not be here next term. In spite of her mother’s advice, this time she has grown attached to a friend, and their separation will be a painful one. As the summer begins, her heart is sore. Guillaume Brac films Linda and Irina in this pivotal time of adolescence, where everything is a balancing act between doing what one wants and living up to parents’ expectations, in the run-up to that long-awaited adulthood. A time when one forms unforgettable friendships, fleeting but foundational romances, and fates that will ultimately be upended. The multi-award-winning French director has once again constructed a wonderfully light-hearted tale with Rohmerian touches, in which his two characters are illuminated in a way that makes us feel like we know and love them; just like real film heroines, in fact.
Aurélien Marsais

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