Nikhil Lama & Siddharth Potade
India | 2023 | 15 min
World premiere
Language : Hindi
Subtitles : French, English

Today is a day of celebration for Ajju: his father is turning 90. However, the old man no longer recognises his loved ones and embarks on a singleminded quest to find his lost dentures. In this playful and humorous film, the protagonist’s constant memory losses result in disorienting time slips, and an explosive chaos ensues!

It is a special day for Ajju: he is celebrating his father's 90th birthday. However, the latter is suffering from dementia. He is continually losing his bearings, and has problems recognising his own son. While his party is ongoing, the father embarks on a solitary quest to find his dentures, presumably lost somewhere in the hotel where the celebration is taking place. For him, the hotel is a strangely familiar non-place, completely devoid of memories, which he wanders through in a disconcerting hallucinatory quest for his missing prosthesis. Dentures is an unusual short film which enjoys gently confusing viewers and thwarting their expectations. Guided by the demented wanderings of a disoriented father, the film works a discontinuous and ingenious temporality that ends up in an explosive narrative chaos. This film by Nikhil Lama and Siddharth Potade - who also works for the Indian Bollywood industry - is a quirky, experimental and intimate object, whose narrative is continually challenged by the memory losses of its protagonist.

Bastien Bento

Nikhil Lama & Siddharth Potade
Dentures, 2023


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