Saleh Kashefi
Switzerland, Iran | 2023 | 7 min
World premiere
Language : Persian
Subtitles : English, French

The website of Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, is crammed with filmed sermons and speeches. Appropriating these official archives, Saleh Kashefi – exiled in Switzerland – has created a political fiction that is both hard-hitting and ambiguous. We bear direct witness to the dictator’s last moments before his downfall, as whispers fill the streets.

"Islam naturally stands against the conspiracy between liberal democracies to dominate the world." At the time of writing, this is the kind of unappealing hyperbole that Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran, spouts in videos that can be downloaded in high definition from his official website. It’s a goldmine for anybody who wishes to misappropriate these online archives to corrupt their meaning. This is the project undertaken by Saleh Kashefi, an Iranian visual artist who has taken refuge in Switzerland. With a desire to “play his part” in the revolt under way in his native country, he decides to attack the man "who has influenced every second of [his] life". By playing him at his own game, on the field of his public image. With And How Miserable is the Home of Evil, Kashefi recounts the fall of a dictator in the style of a political drama, as if he were there to record the moment (like Peter Watkins’ reporters documenting the events of La Commune), by recreating a soundtrack that assigns troubling emotions to the Leader, cowering on his throne, awaiting his end, while the streets fill with whispers.

Emmanuel Chicon

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Tuesday 25 April 2023 18:00
In the presence of the director
This film is screened with Sensitive Content, Incident

Friday 28 April 2023 17:30
This film is screened with Sensitive Content, Incident

Saleh Kashefi
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Saleh Kashefi
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