Myanmar | 2023 | 18 min
World premiere
Language : Burmese
Subtitles : French, English

Jury Prize for the best Short Film offered by la Fondation Goblet

In February 2021, Myanmar wakes up to the sounds of a military coup. The hopes of an entire generation are extinguished. Protests are held, but the dictatorship is too powerful: arrests, imprisonments and threats of execution ensue. The capital becomes a large open-air prison, but a few anonymous voices still have the strength to cry out.

The anonymous author of Losing Ground, a young Burmese person from Yangon (the country’s economic capital) looks back at the tipping point in their lives in 2021, when the military junta took over the country, stealing the freedom of the country’s youth in the process. In a gentle voice-over, this delicate address to Yangon is struck by lightning: demonstrations, arrests, imprisonment, torture, threats of execution… the dictatorship has proven stronger. The city gradually becomes a large open-air prison. In their flats, lonely artistic souls attempt to be creative, in front of their windows open onto this jail. For the dictatorship has succeeded in isolating dissidents in order to better break collective will. Although the film’s author depicts what it is like to be out of one’s depth, they nevertheless manage to find hope through the creative act. There is still the power to create, to draw one’s future, to imagine oneself free, like a bird, and believe that an uprising is coming. 

Aurélien Marsais

Losing Ground, 2023


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