Los Saldos

Raúl Capdevila Murillo
Spain | 2022 | 76 min
World premiere
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : French, English

The life of a farmer in north-western Spain is turned upside down when his son returns home from the city. Under the guise of a western opening in bright light, the film gradually plunges into a darker world to relate what remains of farming culture today. The situation crescendoes to a dazzling, dramatic final shot.

José Ramón Capdevila lives in Binéfar, a village located in the province of Huesca, at the foot of the Pyrenees. He is a farmer, struggling (like many others in the same situation) with a drastic change in his social environment, since a large industrial abattoir was built in the region. His already complicated life is turned upside down upon learning that his filmmaker son Raúl, who had gone to work and live in the city, is to return home. The film follows a city-dweller’s reintegration into rural life as well as the dramatic condition of the countryside. At the same time, it is witness to a change in filmmaking - Raúl Capdevila Murillo directed the remarkable Judas in 2017. Remainders, which opens in bright light, gradually plunges us into the darker world of what remains of farming culture today. The situation builds to a strong crescendo, exploring the most profound reasons behind this malaise, ending on a dazzling, dramatic final shot.


Luciano Barisone

Screenings and tickets

Sunday 10 April 2022 18:15
In the presence of the director

Monday 11 April 2022 10:30

Tuesday 12 April 2022 18:00


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