Den Nat Vi Faldt

Cille Hannibal
Denmark | 2018 | 47 min
International Premiere
Language : Danish
Subtitles : English, French

Mette is in love with Per and, when she marries him, he becomes the stepfather and mentor of her daughter, Cille, the director of this film. Suddenly, Per dies after falling down the stairs. And life... life continues, after all...
It is at this exact moment that Cille decides to film her mother’s grieving process. And she also captures the void left behind by he who has gone. Her camera records this invisible intersection point represented by death, and how it brings a mother and her daughter closer together.
The film is constructed like a grieving diary over a year, means to understand the incomprehensible. And cinema here is revealed as the only form of dialogue possible between the director and her mother, a silent and therapeutic form of speech. Always at the right distance, her camera dares to film the most profound pain, heartbreak, and even love. And it is perhaps thanks to this elegant mise en scène that the film is not only a diary of grief, but also a celebration of life.

Elena López Riera

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Rikke Tambo

International Medium Length & Short Film Competition

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