Marijn Frank
Netherlands | 2015 | 74 min
Swiss Premiere
Language : Dutch
Subtitles : English, French

Should we eat meat or not? Marijn, a journalist for a consumer programme and a young mother from Amsterdam, would like to stop. The ecological impact, the industrial scale conditions of production etc. Everything is pushing her that way. But she cannot stop. Then she finds an explanation: a neuropsychological test reveals that she is more addicted to meat than to sex.
Caught up in her ethical questions, she starts to work as an apprentice in a slaughterhouse, sees a psychologist and begins a field survey during which she meets neurologists, in vitro meat developers, an industry spokesperson, a food historian and a sexy chef. But there, where this type of investigation could easily fall into lessons in morality, the director questions her own contradictions, avoids sweeping answers and prefers humour and self-deprecation. An intelligent and very well-conducted study, embellished by some great notions of film directing, about our hypocritical relationship with meat consumption.
Mourad Moussa


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