Dominic Gagnon
Canada | 2002 | 75 min
Language : French
Subtitle : English

On the one hand, there is Murdochville, founded in Gaspésie in 1950 following the discovery of a large copper deposit. In 1970, it had over 5,000 inhabitants. Today, since the mine closed, fewer than 1,000 people live there. On the other hand, there is the ISO, which “brings together experts to share knowledge and develop [...] market- relevant International Standards that support innovation and provide solu- tions to global challenges.” * On the one hand, the needs of people facing unemployment and a loss of identity; on the other, an institution which advocates the efficiency and performance that lead to profit. In between, we find the daily life of the community, climate change, the harnessing of wind energy, tourism development projects, the wild utopias of a tropical park and... a subtle fictional game. Enlivened by the incursions of Gagnon’s crew, hesitating between material and immaterial, the film thus blends the nostalgia of the elders, the carefree attitude of the young, the coldness of the technocrats and the eternal opportunism of politics.

Luciano Barisone
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