Michele Pennetta
Switzerland, Italy | 2020 | 80 min
World premiere
Language : Italian
Subtitles : French, English

Oscar dreams of escaping the grip of his father whom he helps collect scrap metal in unauthorised dumps in Sicily. Stanley, a Nigerian refugee, works as a farmhand to survive. In this intense film, Michele Pennetta offers these two beings, seemingly separated by everything, the possibility of a meeting that will reveal their condition, equivalent to that of prisoners on an island. 

Shaken by the jolts of a van which snakes among the rocky ground roasted by the raging sun of Sicily, the Prestifilippos collect scrap metal in open-air dumps to resell it. Oscar, the youngest, dreams of escaping the grip of his authoritarian father, an ambiguous figure who puts him down while asserting that he does whatever he can for his sons. Not far from this proletarian European family is another survivor, Stanley. He is Nigerian, and arrived by sea. He is authorized to stay for six months and enjoys the protection of a priest for whom he cleans the church and who finds him jobs as a farmhand. These two beings, seemingly separated by everything, nonetheless share, in addition to this dry and hostile land magnificently framed by Michele Pennetta, the feeling of having been thrown to the world, of suffering the choices made by others. In a cathartic and humanist gesture, Il mio corpo is going to bring together these two suspended bodies, in search of emancipation, and offer them the possibility of sharing their condition as prisoners on an island, during an encounter that is as intense as it is fleeting.

Emmanuel Chicon


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