Laura Plancarte
United Kingdom, United States, Mexico | 2020 | 93 min
World premiere
Language : English
Subtitle : French

In a small community of Montana, between green valleys and wild mountains, Thaddeus, 
a Cheyenne native, and Nanci, a non-native woman, prepare their wedding. While we get to know them, we realize that what seems to be an everyday affair appears as a difficult path of reconciliation and cultural confrontations deeply rooted in the history of the United States of America.

Nanci is a well-educated white woman with a deep knowledge of the Native culture. Thaddeus is a man of Cheyenne origins, strongly tied to his culture and traditions. Nanci and Thaddeus love each other, and they are ready to embark in the marriage adventure. It is said that love conquers all, yet, things this time are not so easy. The cultural differences between the two keep coming back jeopardizing their love. Thaddeus has been brought up in an environment in which the patriarchy is nowhere to be discussed, while Nanci, a PHD lecturer, doesn’t want to give up her status. Surrounded by their family, they will need to be truthful to themselves in order to save their projects. Set in an evocative landscape, in the very heart of the United States, Non Western is a universal tale of love. While we follow our protagonists, centuries of oppressions of the Native American communities as well as gender discriminations unfold before our eyes. With a simple and moving narration, director Laura Pancarte reminds us how politics and History weigh and influence every aspect of our private life.

Rebecca De Pas


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