Film still of the film Raise Your Arms and Twist, Documentary of NMB48, directed by Atsushi Funahashi, Visions du Réel 2017

Raise Your Arms and Twist, Documentary of NMB48

Doutonboriyo, Nakasetekure! Documentary of NMB48

Atsushi Funahashi
Japan | 2016 | 120 min
Swiss Premiere
Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English, French

In a stadium filled with an army of fans swinging glow sticks like a single person, around sixty Lolitas, dancing and singing heady melodies, come on stage under an explosion of lasers. The girl band NMB48 is an authentic social phenomenon in Japan. Racking up number ones on the hit parade, filling stadiums, its interchangeable members are under constant pressure and subject to individual popularity curves. The hyper-hierarchized group, which is divided into teams, sees parades of candidates dreaming of being noticed, becoming “captain”, being placed in the centre of the first line on stage, and getting a close-up in the next clip. As for the fans, they vote and thrill for their idols, when they are not in queue for an organised hand-shaking session, in which everyone has eight seconds to personally declaim their admiration. A pop documentary made of choruses of “Hey! Hey!” and “Woop! Woop!” that everyone will sing along with, of gratifying choreographies, against a backdrop of teenage drama subject to the diktat of individual recognition.

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