Jérôme le Maire
France, Belgium, Switzerland | 2016 | 83 min
Swiss Premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

“I wondered how, in a place where people are taking care of other people, the work itself could cause illness.” (JLM) In the surgical department of the St-Louis Hospital in Paris, the personnel are under stress and understaffed, while subject to budgetary restrictions. The public sector is also increasingly under pressure for efficiency and productivity. The operations are non-stop, every second is counted. The patients are dehumanised, their bodies reduced to a mass of flesh and organs to fix. However, the profession of surgeon, with its huge responsibilities, requires sharp concentration, which is not compatible with fatigue. The pressure feeds through to work colleagues who are fighting each other to save their jobs. Here like elsewhere, exhaustion looms... Over two years, Jérôme le Maire immersed himself in the daily life of a large Parisian hospital. The camera examines this feverish medical corps in cinéma direct, makes its diagnostic, and shows that burnout is not an individual problem, but a pathology of civilisation. Healing will take the form of communal reorganisation.
Mourad Moussa


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