Ultraman – the Minimal Story of Erwin Valdebenito

El Corredor

Cristián Leighton
Chile | 2004 | 75 min
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : English, French

The absurd and touching portrait of Erwin Valdebenito, an office worker whose daily life is one of routine and anonymity. But his obsession with running makes him an improbable little hero: every day, at dawn, he runs about fifteen kilometres on the motorway to get to work in Santiago, in defiance of the many cars and the pollution. Once in the office, he is immediately transformed into the perfect civil servant, carrying out routine tasks such as replacing rolls of paper in the machines, wandering the various floors or roaming the maze of corridors in the huge building. This double world seems to create equilibrium in the life of Erwin: this passion for running compensates for the professional drudgery. His diligence and commitment in preparing for an ultra-marathon, a big running event, make Erwin into one of these epic personalities who live on the limits of their passion.
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