Tierra de Agua

Carlos Klein
Chile | 2004 | 80 min
Swiss Premiere
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : English, French

A tireless traveller through space and time, Carlos Klein explores the confines of Patagonia with his first feature–length film, plunging the viewer into the depths of yesterday, today and tomorrow’s history. In this wild region, the director closely observes nature, the incontestable queen of this piece of the world, without commentary, and in total agreement. We take the time to grasp the elements and listen to the noises: the sound landscape is added to the visible territory, as if it embodied the essence of what we could imagine to be one of the origins of the world. The captivating cacophony of sound also welcomes fascinating black-and-white archive images, filmed in 1943, traces of a past marked by historical conquests and also by the confrontation between man and the power of nature. A work takes shape through this personal search for images and sound, and also becomes an intense visual, sensorial and spiritual experience.

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