María Paz González
Chile, Peru | 2011 | 73 min
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : English, French

In this family road movie, a mother and daughter set off together in search of one of their beloved ones: the sister for the mother and the biological father for the daughter. By seeking to shape an incomplete family tree and to put into words the unsaid things now anchored in their minds, the director and her mother share unique moments, through a comical complicity, as well as through a more profound and serious confrontation. The two travelling companions thus attempt to define each other’s identity together and understand where they come from. Their crossing of over 2,000 km in the rich landscapes from the South to the North of Chile on board a Volkswagen Beetle becomes an intimate, rites-of-passage journey that enables the protagonists to draw closer to each other and to fulfil their imaginary expectations. A little like in one of the sequences of the film, there is a desire to break away from a trompe l’oeil setting that has been part of the two women’s life for too long.

Jasmin Basic


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