The Wonderful Pain of the Wild Broom

La Merveilleuse douleur du Gênet

Olivia Ginevra Calcaterra
Switzerland | 2023 | 22 min
World premiere
Languages : Spanish, Italian
Subtitles : French, English

Greyhound racing makes an impression. Not only for the speed of the dogs, but for the recklessness of humans towards animals. With a profound narrative voice and precise images, Olivia Calcaterra manages to capture the tension between the people who train dogs to race and then abandon them, and the people who rescue them.

The Wonderful Pain of the Wild Broom, 2023
Oïdium, 2021
Lovechild, so Happy Together, 2021


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  • Wednesday 26 April, 18:00
Olivia Ginevra Calcaterra
Loris Theurillat
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Atef Maslah
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