One Aloe, One Ficus, One Avocado and Six Dracaenas

Алоє, фікус, авокадо і 6 драцен

Marta Smerechynska
France, Ukraine | 2023 | 8 min
World premiere
Language : Ukrainian
Subtitles : English, French

What to take, what to leave? How important are material possessions when you’re trying to save your life? Packages from Ukraine – filled with everything and nothing – wait patiently under a bridge to be found, while a voice stirs memories of frivolous and treasured personal effects, in an apparent heart-breaking farewell letter to Kiev.

One Aloe, One Ficus, One Avocado and Six Dracaenas, 2023
Diary of a Bride of Christ, 2022

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In the presence of the director
  • Tuesday 25 April, 20:30
Marta SmerechynskaKateryna Babkina
Asma BenazouzSarp Uzunoglu
Karina RezhevskaCamille Montocchio
Marta SmerechynskaIsidore Bethel
Marusya Chuprinenko
Marta SmerechynskaJulie TingaudLa Fémis
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