Ruinas futuras

Carolina Sánchez, Elvira Arbós, Francisco Armenteros Sánchez & Ran Chen
Spain | 2023 | 29 min
World premiere
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : English, French

In a boarding school, legend has it that a time capsule has been hidden in the walls. They say it could change the world. Today, the new students fall in love, play cards, dream and laugh in their rooms, which in turn become their own time capsules, like snapshots of a generation at 20 years old.

Future Ruins, 2023


Elvira Arbós
Vicky FernándezAnder GarcíaIrene Sdoud
Ran ChenÁngela Delgado
Carolina SánchezECAM
Sales contact
Brais RomeroECAM - La

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