Il posto

Mattia Colombo & Gianluca Matarrese
Italy, France | 2022 | 75 min
World premiere
Language : Italian
Subtitles : English, French

Every month, hundreds of unemployed nurses travel from the south to the north of Italy in search of work. Two of them organise the trips by overnight buses; a long journey of hope that often leads to nothing at all. Shot as a road movie, the two filmmakers paint a pitiless portrait of modern Italy before, during and after the health crisis.

The journey from the South to the North of Italy has long been one of emigration: a path followed by a multitude of men and women who needed to escape unemployment and poverty. This situation has always existed. Nowadays, nurses from the Southern regions cross the country in search of work every month. They will try their luck with the positions advertised in one of the large hospitals in the North. However, there are not enough vacancies for the thousands of applicants, meaning most of them do this several times in the year, which can imply significant expenses. For this reason, two of them have organised trips using overnight buses. The two filmmakers follow them and tell their stories, witnessing their hopes and their fears during a journey that is often made in vain. Through this road-movie, Mattia Colombo and Gianluca Matarrese paint a pitiless portrait of contemporary Italy.



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