Suyu Lee
Republic of Korea (South Korea) | 2020 | 39 min
European Premiere
Language : Korean
Subtitles : English, French

A mother remembers her childhood summers. Her daughter, a filmmaker, falls ill, at which point she turns towards Nature in search of images and sensations that will allow her to find peace. Here, Suyu Lee produces a sensorial and luminous personal journal about the precious things in life. 

A mother recollects her childhood memories, when she was a young girl. She relates them to her daughter, a filmmaker. One day, the latter falls ill, diagnosed with a breast tumour. She then turns towards Nature in search of images and sensations that will also remind her of this feeling of summer, and to thus bring peace to her soul while awaiting her upcoming recovery. Thanks to an impressionist collage made of light, shade, trees and water, her filmic notes build an imaginary landscape of the precious things in life. Like a remedy, this will enable her to find some peace in the moments of doubt and fear. Here, Suyu Lee produces a journal that is as personal as it is sensorial. To the Dostoyevskian question “what beauty will save the world?”, she could thus respond that the beauty of her own world can be found in the images of her desires and memories, in the interplay between shade and light in the foliage of trees in summer.

Aurélien Marsais


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International Medium Length & Short Film Competition

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