Kyle Davis
Australia | 2021 | 62 min
World premiere
Language : English
Subtitle : French

Stuck in a ghost town at the edge of the Australian Outback, Jake and Kelly, in their twenties, live off of odd jobs. Evenings spent drinking beer in front of the TV, and friends, compensate for the mortal boredom of the immense void behind them. But days repeat endlessly and one of them will have to decide to leave. 

Jake and Kelly are a young couple. Stuck in the ghost town Cowell between the coast and the Outback of South Australia, they live from odd jobs in farms or at the local petrol station. Behind them lies this immense sun-scorched void, which seems to have nothing to offer but a few coins they earn here and there. The days and evenings are alike, made of friends, beers and joints smoked to kill the solitude. Among these castaways, few seem concerned with what will happen the next day, enjoying an infinite territory where they could be kings and queens. But if Jake seems content in this vast abandoned playground, Kelly has doubts and could yield to the temptation to leave, to buy a car and flee to a better, or at least different, unknown place. Kyle Davis paints a majestic and wild portrait of the resourcefulness of rural youth. For this first film, he collaborates with local non-professional actors and actresses, magnificently framed at the edge of the vastness of the Outback.
Aurélien Marsais


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