Hirofumi Nakamoto & Nao Yoshigai
Japan | 2021 | 12 min
World premiere
Language : Japanese
Subtitles : English, French

As night falls, a boy and a girl ready themselves to brave the cold sea in order to observe the small wonders of nature. Equipped with mobile phones, they reveal their a wonder at the creatures that inhabit the sea. In a carefree atmosphere, Night Snorkeling gently reminds us of the fragile beauty of our planet. 

In Night Snorkeling, Nao Yoshigai and Hirofumi Nakamoto, leave on an adventurous exploration of the sea, equipped with their mobile phones cameras and scuba suits. On a deserted creek they will jump in the waves to frame the beauty of the landscape; at nightfall, they will meet with the creatures that illuminate the waters with their magic iridescences. Driven by enthusiasm for their new discoveries, the two directors do not hesitate to become part of the submarine life and soon their artificial lights will dialogue with the glowing of plankton and jellyfishes. A crab, a starfish and a weird sponge, with their alien shapes, become messengers of the ocean’s hidden mysteries. Disguised as a sort of homemade video of a trip to the sea, Night Snorkeling opens a discussion about our relationship with nature’s otherness. Through the observation of those incredible and odd organisms, the film hails the complexity of our planet and questions our capacity to connect with it.

Rebecca De Pas


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International Medium Length & Short Film Competition

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