To the Hiding Place

Alexis Jacquand
France | 2021 | 59 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

Bow in hand, an old hunter roams the mountain, tracking chamois, deer and boar. Not far away, some children populate a forest, build a cabin and play at scaring each other with the threat of encountering a wild animal. Magical and burlesque, Vers ce lieu enfoui takes us to the roots of all wonder. 

Across the slopes and rocks of a mountain forest, an old hunter tracks chamois, deer and boar, bow in hand. Not far away, a few children populate a forest, build a cabin and play at scaring each in the event of an encounter with a wild animal. Through precise editing, the film navigates between these two poles, allowing these stories to naturally echo each other. With his bow, this hunter gives us the impression of an archaic figure who tells us about the changes that the place has gone through. In this shared territory, the mountainous forest is, for the children, an endless projective surface for their imagination and a source of wonderment sometimes tinged with disquiet. A form of mysterious transmission takes shape gradually through the back and forth between the hunter and the children, reflected in particular by the fairy tale atmosphere of the landscapes. With his radiant story, Alexis Jacquand pursues the work begun with Sous nos pas (VdR 2014) and probes the beauty of the link between humans and nature.

Tom Bidou


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